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Is Gluten Impacting Your Fertility?

BY IN Uncategorized On October 5, 2016

Unexplained infertility? Could it be gluten sensitivity?  Are you fully aware of foods that contain gluten?

Gluten is found mostly in certain grains and bakery products but can also be found in many processed foods.

Also, different grains contain different types of gluten.  For expample:

  • All forms of wheat – gliadin
  • Rye – secalin
  • Barley – hordein
  • Oats – avenin

Wheat and rye glutens have the highest reactive symptom picture for those suffering gluten intolerance but some may also react to the avenin in oats.

Corn, millet, rice and sorghum are naturally gluten-free, although corn is a high-reactive grain. Seed-like grains including amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa are also gluten-free.

There certainly seems to be a link between Coeliac Disease and infertility but recent research has also shown a plausible link between gluten sensitivity and unexplained infertility. If you are constantly consuming gluten containing foods you could be putting yourself into a chronic inflammatory state that makes the uterus less receptive to allowing a new pregnancy to implant.  As well, chronic inflammation in the digestive tract can lead to malabsorption of food, decreasing the flow of vital nutrients required by the growing embryo.

primary-foodThe ultimate fertility enhancing and ‘gluten free diet’ does not include “gluten free products” or any processed products for that matter. Eat only what I call primary food – i.e. fresh vegetables, fruits and basic, fresh, organic proteins (be they animal or plant based).

“If it came from a plant EAT IT, if it was made in a plant DON’T”   –   Michael Pollan


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