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Success Stories

H.P., Corinda

“After experiencing the grief of a miscarriage, I felt anxious when I fell pregnant again soon after. Christine’s knowledgeable, caring and very practical support was just what I needed to help renew my confidence in my body to carry and deliver a healthy baby. Christine went above and beyond to offer guidance that was helpful and relevant to my concerns, and her manner was always gentle and supportive of what I wanted for my pregnancy and birth.  Recently I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He is very alert, strong and generally a very calm and content baby, which I know I can attribute somewhat to the excellent advice and information Christine provided, not just around nutrition and health, but also around breastfeeding and parenting. Her knowledge and expertise are extensive and make for a very insightful and thorough approach.  As a first time mum, I couldn’t recommend Christine highly enough. I couldn’t imagine the journey from pregnancy to parenthood without her wonderful support.”

S & JK, Aspley

“Our darling baby girl is now four months old and we are finally getting used to what it is like to be parents. There were times we thought it would never happen. After being on the pill, injections and implants for contraception for so long, once we decided to try for a baby, things did not look good. Our GP suggested that IVF was likely to be our only option. Then a friend told me about Christine and how she had helped her and her partner conceive after overcoming problems with polycystic ovaries. At first, following “the program”, improving our health, trying to make our diet healthier, and our home more chemical free was a bit daunting but Christine had lots of suggestions of alternative cleaners and great recipes and short cuts to make the diet changes easier. After a couple of months I got a regular cycle back and then after learning about timing we were pregnant after the second try! My pregnancy was a breeze. I only had a few days of feeling a bit seedy early in the pregnancy and then apparently I “glowed” the rest of the time. I certainly loved being pregnant and felt well the whole time. Gemma was born 2 days before her due date. I’m sure my labour was made easier by continuing with the herbs and supplements that Christine had suggested. Our darling Gemma is a dream come true. We will definitely be back to see Christine when we are ready for baby number two.”

B & K, Ferny Hills

“ After having a tough time conceiving, B and I consulted Christine for fertility and preconception advice. Four months later we were pregnant, both feeling happier and healthier than ever before! The pregnancy was such a special time during which Christine’s assistance was invaluable. Christine, we cannot thank you enough for your support and helping us to give our gorgeous and delightful baby boy the best start to life possible. ”

L. R, Kedron

“I had a miscarriage and after several months still didn’t feel very well. I went to see Christine who helped me get back to feeling well and healthy and helped me fall pregnant successfully. Thank you Christine for all your help and support both before and during my pregnancy. After following your suggestions, using the supplements, herbs and nutritional guidelines, we now have a beautiful baby girl. She has the most amazing sparkly eyes. We are about to try for our second now with Christine’s help! I would recommend her to anyone planning on falling pregnant.view our gallery of beautiful babies ”

V. R, California, USA.

“ Hi Christine, I thought you’d like to know we gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl on 20th January. We have named her Josie Ally. She weighed in at 7lb 12 oz. We both survived the experience quite well although it was a bit daunting. But as you can see from the photo it was all worthwhile! I’d like to thank you for your help last year before and after I found out I was pregnant. I have continued to take my supplements all through the pregnancy and the results speak for themselves. You’ll be happy to know I feel like my old self again. I look forward to coming to see you again (when we are back in Australia) and for you to meet Josie. ”

F.P, Wooloowin

“ Chris combines a rare depth of knowledge of nutrition, herbal medicine and appropriate supplementation with a wealth of understanding of women’s lives, an array of practical and enabling suggestions that inspire better and better nutrition, and, most importantly, real wisdom. I feel very fortunate to have benefited from Chris’ care and intelligence. There has never been an appointment with Chris from which I have not emerged feeling inspired and energised. My health stayed strong during a challenging phase of my life, and now goes from strength to strength so that I feel more vital and fabulous now than ever. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough. She is an imaginative, intuitive and experienced naturopath who thinks deeply about every aspect of the person and her treatment. Chris has also given me brilliant suggestions about my children, ‘better babies’ who go from strength to strength. ”